Plastic Surgery

Those who find imperfections on their body or face, there are procedures that can be done to help with this according to Kimberly J Lee MD. If you have bony cheeks, flat lips, wrinkles, small breasts, and loose skin, all of this can be fixed with plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has been around for many years, and is now more popular than ever, especially among the famous.


There are very few stars in Hollywood now in days, that have not had plastic surgery of some kind, performed. From Rhinoplasty to lip injections, Hollywood is known for its enhanced body parts. One of the most common types of plastic surgery today, is breast enhancements. If you have a small breast size such as an A or B cup, you can easily go become a D cup or higher with plastic surgery. For more information about rhinoplasty surgery visit Dr Kimberly J Lee is a board certified facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills Ca that specializes in rhinoplasty.

Plastic Surgery has become so common, that any type of surgery, is now possible. It’s possible for a man to change all of his features, through plastic surgery, to look like a woman. It’s also possible through plastic surgery, for a woman, to change her features, to look more like a man. If you have no calves, and you’re a man, you can actually have implants done, via plastic surgery. The options are limitless if you want to enhance your body.

Many look at plastic surgery as an unnecessary transformation, that pretentious people do to feel better about themselves. Your opinion is your own, but some plastic surgeries are necessary. For example, if you have both breasts removed, due to breast cancer, plastic surgery can replace them. By having breast implants done, it can give you the confidence you had before the cancer took your breasts.

Some people who are horribly burned, require plastic surgery, in order to get back to a more normal look. A woman who had her face torn off by an animal, actually had a plastic surgery performed that gave her back a normal face. Plastic surgery is not all for glitz and glamour; it can also be very necessary.

If you’re considering plastic surgery, don’t let others talk you out of it, because they feel it’s unnecessary. Only you can decide for yourself, what is best for your body, and what will boost your self-esteem. If you feel the need to get plastic surgery done, simply consult with a good surgeon, and you can get the ball rolling on your new body.


Dental veneers according to the website of Sheppard Family Dental Care at are mostly created from porcelain material, but sometimes, they are prepared with resin composite materials. Porcelain veneers are stain resistant and are more content veneers as compared to the resin veneers. Resin composite veneers can be applied with less enamel removed, but this is actually not an advantage. Your dentist will determine which kind of material is going to suit you best.

• People who have stained or discolored teeth
• Broken or damaged teeth
• Worn Down teeth
• Misaligned and unshaped teeth
• Gaps between the teeth

Examination: The first step is to visit the dentist so that he or she can examine your teeth, to know whether dental veneers are suitable for you. This will also include taking x-rays of your teeth.

Preparation: Now, this is the initial stage of your treatment where the dentist will trim your teeth; don’t worry, this will include the sedation to numb the area. After this, the dentist will take the impression of the teeth as well as the mouth and sent it to the laboratory where the customized veneers will be prepared for you. This process will take at least one week. Placement: This is the final stage; the dentist like Dr Sheppard will apply adhesive to fix the veneers in your teeth. This process also includes ultraviolet ray to harden the veneers.

Natural appearance: This is the only procedure to get natural appearance of the teeth.
Long lasting solution: This is not a temporary solution to your damaged teeth. So it is basically better than teeth whitening procedure. Dental veneers will last at least 5 years; however, these can last anywhere between 5 to 10 years.
Perfect smile: You can also have a perfect smile just like your favorite celebrities, and that too with confidence.


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